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My interest lies in our mind’s ability to perceive an experience. An experience, can be thought of as the relationship between our mind and our surroundings. There is always a bridge, a subjective space between the perceiver and that which is being perceived. It is a manifestation of our emotion, psyche, thought and imagination. Using primarily oils, acrylics, pigments and pastels I attempt to depict the bridge.


I start my process by dividing up the canvas into simple geometric shapes. After a while the shapes start to resemble a space. I then paint perceived shapes and structures in that space. Layer by layer, I continue to divide up the pictorial space and allow my mind to react to what is on the canvas. The initial shapes start to organically repeat themselves and react to each other, forming structures of their own. The work is always in tension between between wanting to achieve simplicity but being in a constant state of becoming more complex. The finished work can be thought of as a network of patterns, resembling how the mind experiences.


The subject I depict is our experience of modernity. The rise of technology has influenced the way we perceive. Complex information, patterns in both physical and digital spaces, are constantly clashing with each other, allowing for multiple realities exist at the same time. The work aims to depict the patterns of modernity, with an interest of how people make sense of them. How we place them in relationship to each other and create a story, which in turn, reveals something about ourselves.

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